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LOI Wesman has commissioned in October 2013 its third installation of a Roller Hearth Heat Treatment line for pipe and tube at Gandhi Special Tubes, Hallol, Gujarat. This installation is technologically the latest state of the art jointly executed with our German JV partner LOI Thermprocess Italimpianti.

The furnace is 79 meters long with an operating temperature of 650 to 950 deg C having a throughput of 2 MTPH per hour in normalizing tubes at 920 deg C. The material is discharged from the furnace at the end of the cooling cycle at less than 120 deg C. The Erection and commissioning of the complete installation was done in 6 months.

The furnace line is equipped with an actively controlled protective atmosphere system that can perform the following heat treatment types:

  • C-potential controlled bright annealing
  • C-potential controlled decarburization-free bright annealing
  • C-potential controlled surface carburizing bright annealing; controlled enrichment of surface Carbon content of the tube

Special technological features are:

  • Highly efficient (>80%) energy saving recuperative burner system; environmentally friendly because of lowest Carbon dioxide emission
  • Multi channel oxygen probe based atmosphere control system with redundancy
  • Automatic optimization of process gas consumption; cost saving and highly environmentally friendly process


LOI and LWT received order for 2 additional HPH Hydrogen Batch Annealing Furnace from Tata Steel Limited, Jamshedpur. This makes the total bases to 52 numbers at this plant.

LOI and LWT received order for 2 more bases of HPH-BAF from Tata Steel Limited, Tarapur.

LOI Wesman is executing 2 nos 22.5 MTPH capacity Walking Beam Furnaces for pipe heat treatment at Oil Country Tubular Limited , Hyderabad. A larger Pipe Walking Beam furnace of 110 MTPH capacity was successfully commissioned at the sister plant United Seamless Tube Ltd, Hyderabad in 2010.

17 nos new HPH Hydrogen Annealing Furnaces have been progressively commissioned by LOI and LWT by January 2011 in Tinplate Company, Jamshedpur for their expansion project. Tinplate has LOI's 13 nos HPH bases already in full production at this plant making a total of 30 bases at this pant.

Galvanizing Furnace and Drye
r for structural steels is erected and will be commissioned soon at KSE Electricals, Kolkata.

LOI Wesman is executing an order for Thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel, Nashik for 4 Bases of Multi stack Batch annealing furnace for Silicon steel.

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