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Wesman News Headlines- Foundry Division

India's first indigenously designed and built 5 TPH Capacity Thermal Reclamation System commissioned at INDO SHELL MOULD P. LTD, Coimbatore

India's first Thermal Reclamation System of 5 MTPH has been commissioned by Wesman at Indo Shell Mould Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore. The system is first of its kind to be designed, built, installed and commissioned indigenously. Before this, no system of such large capacity has been made with complete indigenous technology.

The complete system consists of the following - Grid with Collecting Bin, Steep Angle Belt Conveyor, Primary Lumpreducer, Inclined Belt Conveyor, Overband Magnetic Separator to remove metal particles, Secondary Lumpreducer, Bucket Elevator, Storage Bunker for Mechanically Reclaimed Sand, Screw Feeder, Combustor with Sand Preheater & Air Preheater, High Temperature Cooler/Classifier, Pneumatic Sand Transporter, Storage Bunker for Thermally Reclaimed Sand, Cyclone Dust Collector, Wet Scrubber type Dust Collection equipment

The system handles Shell Sand with an incoming Loss on Ignition value of 2.8 and after thermal reclamation. The thermally reclaimed sand has a LOI value of 0.05. Fuel for the system is LPG and a typical fuel consumption figure is 10 Kgs. per Ton of Sand. Wesman can supply a plant that uses LDO or HSD as fuel in case gas is not available.

Pay back period for such a plant is expected to be less than a year depending on the quantity of sand reclaimed by continuous use. With this installation, Wesman has designed and installed three Thermal Reclamation Systems – two of 2 TPH Capacity and one 5 TPH Capacity.

Thermal Sand Reclamation plants will be a neccessity for Indian foundries to solve the sand availability and disposal problems which will become more difficult and costly in the coming months.


Wesman commissions No Bake Carousel Type Sand Moulding Plant at FAVOURITE FABTECH, Rajkot

Wesman has commissioned in September 2013 an indegenously designed No Bake Sand Carousel Moulding Plant at a brand new foundry at Rajkot.

This plant at Favourite Fabtech Pvt. Ltd. consists of the following set of equipment and accessories to produce 9 complete moulds per hour.

1) Storage Bunkers for Reclaimed Sand and Fresh Sand
2) Continuous Mixer (Capacity : 6 TPH) for Furan Sand
3) Compaction Table
4) Carousel type Rotary Moulding Unit
5) Rollover Machine for stripping of mould half cakes from boxes
6) Belt Conveyor
7) Mould Tilting unit for tilting of mould half cakes at Painting Station
8) Painting Station for flow coating of mould half cakes with water based paint
9) In line type Oven (with Slat Conveyor) for drying of Mould half cakes painted with water based paint
10) Mould Manipulator for closing of moulds
11) Transfer Cars for transferring closed moulds to pouring lines
12) Non powered Roller Conveyors for Pouring Lines
13) Mechanical Reclamation system (Capacity : 6 TPH) consisting of

13.1) Low level Attrition Unit cum Shakeout
13.2) Vibratory Elevator
13.3) Cooler /Classifier
13.4) Pneumatic Transporter
13.5) Bag Filter type Dust Collector
14) Wipe Off unit for transferring poured moulds from Transfer Car to Low level Attrition Unit cum Shakeout


During April 2011, Wesman Simpson has received orders for Return Sand Multicoolers from prestigious customers. Nelcast Foundry has ordered a MC-100 and MC 150 for their Gudur, Andhra Pradesh plant. Wesman Simpson Multicoolers have become the preferred choice of leading Indian foundries due to their reliable and superior performance.
Wesman's completely indigenously designed 2 MTPH Sand Thermal Reclaimer successfully commissioned in December 2010 at Indoshell Cast Ltd, Coimbatore. LPG consumption is under 8 kg/tonne of sand proving it to be a cost and energy effective thermal reclaimer.
Hinduja Foundry, Chennai orders Wesman's 10 TPH Fludized Bed Drying, Cooling and Transportation plant for their Sriperumbdur facility
Hinduja Foundry, Chennai are in the erection stage of Two 5 TPH EcoMelt Cokeless Melting furnace at their Sriperumbudur plant. These are 15th and 16th EcoMelt Cokeless Melting furnace supplied by Wesman.
Parv Metal, Rajkot orders a 6 TPH Wesman WM 110 Continuous mixer for mixing 2 Part (Acid Cured) Phenolic sand. This is the repeat order for third mixer. The first machine is in use since 2009 & the second one has been commissioned in 2010.
Wesman commissions a 5TPH Fluidized sand Dryer for Zircon Sand at Kerala Metals & Minerals Ltd. Another 5 TPH unit for Silliminite sand is under commissioning.
Wesman have secured a prestigious order from Indian Rare Earths Ltd., Chatrapur for 1 no. 10 TPH Garnet Drying System, with total handling equipment and instrumentation, for their Mineral Separation Plant at Orissa Sand Complex. The charge material is Garnet obtained from the sea beach. Garnet with 8 - 10% moisture will be fed to the Fluidized Bed Dryer by a Screw Feeder. The dried material with 0.5% moisture will be discharged in the Electro-magnetic Vibratory Feeder, which, in turn, will feed the Garnet in to their existing system for further processing.This is a complete turn-key contract with full responsibility of design-engineering, supply, installation-commissioning including electrical installation and civil work. WESMAN has already supplied number of dryers in various mineral processing units like V.V.Minerals, Industrial Minerals, Beach Mineral Company, Indian Ocean Garnets, Transworld Garnet. Recently 2 nos. identical 5 TPH Capacity Fluidized Bed Drying System for Zircon & Siliminite have been supplied, erected and is being commissioned at Kerala Minerals & Metals Ltd., Kollam. By bagging this order under stiff competition from other national and international players, Wesman has added another feather in their Cap and the successful execution of this contract will definitely establish WESMAN’s strong foothold in the fast growing mineral industries.
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