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Since its foundation in 1969 to this day, IBS has laid the focus on the production of modern energy-saving burner systems. The company founder Hermann Morawetz set a milestone in combustion technology with the invention of the IBS-conus burner. Among its outstanding characteristics are the wide turn-down, low-emission combustion and its almost proverbial reliability.

With the acquisition by a group of investors in 2006, a new leaf was turned over in the history of IBS. The new owners of IBS have many years of experience in the development, production and sales of industrial burner systems. The know-how, combined with the success story of IBS, lays the foundation for breaking new ground in the field of combustion technology.

Investing in new products, further developing the production site in Ladenburg, opening a new location in Hagen(Westphalia) and, last but not least, expanding the engineering capacities – the course is set for continuing the IBS success story.

The Wesman-IBS collaborated products are going to be the best in their category with German engineering and Indian manufacturing. These products are thoroughly tested and functional in different advanced areas with excellent fuel economy.

Wesman-IBS Burner range includes the following

• RECUFIRE – Recuperative Burner
• CONFIRE – Process Burner
• GRIDFIRE – Duct Burner
• GBC / GBS – Gas Burners
• LANCEFIRE – Lance Burner for Ceramic Tunnel Kiln
• REGFIRE – Regenerative Burner


RECUFIRE is the latest generation of energy-saving recuperative burners. The integrated recuperator allows energy savings up to 50%. RECUFIRE recuperative burners with a turn-down ranging from 10 KW up to 500 KW and a recuperator body made of either plain ended pipe, metal ribs or ceramic go easy not only on the environment, but also on budget. RECUFIRE – first choice for open-end as well as radiant tube heating of the iron, steel and metal working industry.


CONEFIRE – process burners are available from 10 KW (Min.) to 20,000 KW (Max.) for gaseous and liquid heating fuels as well as dual fuel burners. CONFIRE process burners have a wide turn-down of 40:1 (near – stoichiometric 10:1). Due to their reliability and low-emission combustion, CONEFIRE process burners have become a first choice burner for plate dryers, drying furnace and post-combustion system.;


GRIDFIRE – grid burners: the modular systems for the direct heating of processed air in drying and post-combustion processes. GRIDFIRE modules are available as T- and cross-shaped versions for capacities of min. 160 KW. By combining the modules any capacity is feasible up to large-scale combustion systems of 20 MW and more GRIDFIRE burners are available for any common fuel gas.


GBC/GBS – standard burners for industrial furnaces and plants requiring pinpoint heat. The construction type GBC with a ceramic combustion chamber has high flame velocities and does not require a burner tile. GBC/GBS burners are directly ignitable in all ratings, even with high excess air. A low-priced alternative is also available, disposing of a conventional impeller as mixing device.


LANCEFIRE is the perfect burner for tunnel kiln as these are nozzle mixed high velocity burners. It has lower specific energy consumption and also suitable for lower gas and air pressure and provides better product quality.


REGFIRE is the most energy efficient regenerative gas burners and savings potential is as high as 50%. The efficiency is over 85%.

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