Product Theme

Wesman Engineering is the flagship of the Wesman Group and is the promoter of the other Wesman Group companies.

Currently, Wesman Engineering undertakes the following activities-

- Design,manufacture, erect and commission its own range of Industrial Furnaces. These are distinct from those covered by the joint venture with LOI Italimpianti.

- Design, manufacture, erect and commission a full range of Green sand and No-Bake sand foundry equipment. This range is supplemented by its technical cooperation with FMS, UK for no-bake foundry equipment and Ecomelt Cokeless Melting furnace with Cokeless Cupolas Ltd, UK. Wesman Engineering also uses its manufacturing plant to manufacture the products covered under the Wesman Simpson joint venture, with sales and service handled by the JV itself.

- Manufacturing of burners, fans, blowers and valves covered by the activity of Wesman Thermal, a sister company handling the sales and service of Combustion Systems.

Wesman has the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to undertake offshore engineering, design and drawing support services for global engineering industries. With a highly experienced and qualified team of designers and CAD engineers, reliable high-bandwidth access connections, and thorough knowledge of international business practices, Wesman provides an attractive and extremely cost-effective alternative for international manufacturers seeking to become more competitive.

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WESMAN GROUP brings cutting-edge technologies to its customers