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Sand Reclamation can be termed as the process of reconditioning of used sand in a foundry without lowering its original properties, which are particularly required for foundry application. Reclamation process for foundry sand is broadly of two types – Mechanical (Attrition) and Thermal.

Thermal Reclamation is the process in which the sand is heated to a temperature of about 800 deg. C, in a specially designed fluidized bed Combustor which is the main equipment of the thermal reclamation system.

Thermal reclamation is, in many ways, better than attrition (mechanical) reclamation process.for the following reasons:

1. New sand has higher thermal expansion. During pouring, the mould expands excessively and causes distortion, instability and dimensional inaccuracy. When sand is heated above 600 Deg. C, the same undergoes phase change which is permanent in nature. This phase-changed sand has lower thermal expansion and, therefore, all the problems mentioned above are less.

2. Unlike mechanical reclamation, 100% sand, except those reduced to dust, is reclaimed to better-than-new condition.

In the Wesman Thermal Reclaimer, the sand grains obtained after breaking the lumps are pre-heated in a heat exchanger and fed into the Combustor at a pre-determined rate. Here it is fluidized by precisely controlled air. The fluidized bed of sand receives controlled stream of flame and hot products of combustion from a specially designed LPG / Natural gas combustion system. The binder in the sand is totally burnt and hot reclaimed sand is obtained at the outlet of the Combustor.

The hot sand from the Combustor is transported to a bunker and then made to pass through a Fluidized Bed Cooler having a water cooling system. The cooler is also connected with a dust extraction system for classification of sand. The reclaimed sand, cooled down to usable temperature and classified, is then pneumatically transported to the sand bunker for re-use.

Wesman's Thermal Sand Reclaimer is field tested and has been found to consume only 7 to 9 Kg of LPG per MT of sand. Though it is better to use Natural gas or LPG, the reclaimer can be fired with Light oil where the gaseous fuel is not available.

Wesman's Thermal Sand Reclaimer can be used for reclaiming Shell sand, Phenolic 2-part/3-part sand, Furan sand etc. Even Green sand may be reclaimed with additional downstream equipment. Wesman currently manufactures in three standard capacities of 1, 2 and 5 MT/hour. Other sizes may be custom built on request.

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