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Setpoint Management Software

Optimum Zone Setpoint Calculation Software

Wesman, jointly with a USA based software developer has developed an off-line software to manage optimum heating strategy for Walking Beam, Pusher, Rotary Hearth Furnaces used in Steel Reheating and Forging Applications. Use of this easy to use powerful 'intelligent' tool will save the end user enormous energy costs by giving the optimum setpoints for the furnace zones improving the overall thermal and metallurgical performance of the continuous furnace in normal operation as well during unforeseen delays or interruptions that occur in continuous mill operations in steel plants while processing any size, shape and grades of products in a continuous furnace.

Key Feature:

Recipe/Set-point Management (determination of optimum zone temperatures during constant production)

The system offers the ability to create setpoint recipes ( zone setpoint temperatures) for various grades and shapes of product at different Production Rates or Push/Walk Rates

Delay Set-point Management (determination of optimum zone temperatures during delays)

The system offers the ability to create setpoints (zone setpoint temperatures) for various grades and shapes of steel/Aluminum at different delay time. The system can handle both Scheduled and Unscheduled delays.

The software can also communicate to the Level 1 furnace control system for downloading optimum setpoints

The software also comes with the following additional features:

• Furnace can be configured with Zone/Furnace Dimensions, Furnace Insulation, Burner Type, Fuel etc.

• Charges can be configured from basic shapes (Billets, Ingots, Slabs, and Rounds) by entering dimensions and
material properties(provided with the software).
• Property Data: Comes with entire database of Steel Grades, Fuel types, and Refractory materials.
• Provides capability to create new Steel Grades, Refractory materials and Fuel types

Results include:

• Charge Temperature profile during reheating and at exit
• 2 D temperature of the charge at any furnace location for Slab Heating furnace with Skids
• Scaling/Decarburization depth at any point during the heating cycle
• Zone wise thermal loading, fuel and air inputs
• Heat Audit/Energy Consumption Calculations: The software comes with a tool to perform Heat Audit allowing user
to perform calculations to determine fuel consumption, furnace efficiency, and cost of running a furnace.
• Calculates heat to part, refractory loss, heat to gases, and heat and energy/power consumed in different zones,
Heat loss through the flue, fuel consumption and furnace efficiency. The results are displayed on a Sankey diagram
• Results from each calculation can be displayed in a report format. The results can be directly printed,
saved as a PDF format or Excel spread sheet

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