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Foundry Equipment

WESMAN ENGINEERING's Foundry Equipment Division has been building foundry equipment since 1951 and is the first Indian company that started designing and manufacturing foundry equipment in India after the country's independence in 1947.

It has always been recognized as a leader in its field and has a strong reputation in the foundry industry in India. Wesman's foundry equipment also finds ready acceptance in the global market.

Wesman has technical and financial tie-ups with other leading international partners to supplement and expand its product offering.

WESMAN SIMPSON TECHNOLOGIES is a joint venture with global foundry equipment major Simpson Technologies, USA, for manufacturing a wide range of Simpson's products for green sand foundries in India.

WESMAN also through technology tie-ups and its own R&D offers a wide range of No-Bake foundry equipment including Continuous Mixers, Sand reclamation plants, Mould Manipulators, etc. Wesman is the first Indian manufacturer who has designed and successfully installed several Thermal Sand Reclamation systems at economical prices compared to imported equipment with equivalent performance.

WESMAN through an exclusive collaboration with Cokeless Cupolas Ltd UK supplies energy-efficient and pollution-free melting technology to foundries worldwide. Since 2006 the Wesman-Taft Ecomelt cokeless melting furnace, which uses oil or gas as fuel in combination with a unique refractory sphere bed technology, has already been successfully installed in several foundries all over India. Emission levels have been confirmed to be far lower than required statutory norms, and substantial energy savings have also been obtained.

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